Friends & family run vintage business for fellow adventurers at heart

BetaMenswear started out as a 2-person project around 10 years ago. Me, Beta, and my then-boyfriend (now husband) Raitis shared a passion for all things old, history, and a feeling that "back then" things were made to last. We listed a small collection of vintage men's workwear, denim, and military wear and immediately noticed that we are not the only ones who are into this kind of stuff. The more we dove into this project, the more we loved all aspects of it, and soon after we felt the need to hire some outside help and obtain larger premises. Today we are a team of 10 people and our workplace is a warehouse/loft which stores our inventory of nearly 10 000 items.

Some things might have changed but our core values have remained the same — hard and honest work, doing no harm (to our planet and people around us), responsibility, and integrity.

We have been in the vintage business for more than 10 years and during this time we have developed our quality control system. Each piece of clothing is handled with care, checked for flaws, steamed for disinfection, and repaired if necessary. You can expect that if there are any repairs, minor flaws, or defects they will be photographed and described in detail (only very rare, antique, or otherwise special items are accepted with any flaws).

Our collection is handpicked around the world. Our specialty is classic, timeless clothing, a high-quality vintage that can be easily merged in anybody's wardrobe — only pieces that feel integral with us will be added to the collection.

We are proud of the delivery arrangements we have been able to achieve during these years in business. You will never have to wait weeks to receive your order from us. We offer Standard Delivery (National Postal, DPD, and other services depending on destination country and package weight) and packages will take 4 - 10 business days to reach you. Besides, you can choose FEDEX Express Shipping for only 4 - 14 EUR extra if you want to receive your package in 2 - 6 days' time.

Choosing vintage is foremost an eco-conscious decision and our commitment to ethical and eco-friendly business practices. It reflects in our packaging as well — we use biodegradable parcel packing material for all our shipments thus keeping in check our (and yours) impact on the environment.

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